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Training Workshops at Divine Escape

Are you looking to develop your spiritual awareness? Do you have an interest in learning about holistic treatments? We run regular fully accredited courses and workshops for all things holistic and spiritual.


Follow our dedicated Facebook page to register your interest in any of our courses and to keep up to date with the latest course dates and information. 

Image by Milada Vigerova
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Introduction to Crystals

Saturday 23rd July 2022 - 1pm-4pm

Learn and understand what crystals are, what they are used for and the properties they have. Gain an understanding of how you can choose the perfect crystal for you. 


Cost: £35

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Introduction to Angel Cards

Saturday 6th August 2022 - 1pm-4pm

Gain an understanding of what angel cards are, how they are used and what messages you can get from them. Learn how to read for yourself and others.


Cost: £35

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The Power of the Planets Workshop

Friday 12th August 2022 - 4pm-7pm

Find out about the power of the planets and how they can affect us in our everyday lives. 

Cost: £40

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Moon Cycle Workshop

Thursday 25th August 2022 - 6pm-9pm

Start to embrace the power of the Moon and learn how to work with its natural cycles.

Throughout the workshop we’ll discuss the distinctive energies of each phase, how you can use these within your life and uncover the mysteries of the moon, emotions and hidden truths.


Cost: £40 

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