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Spiritual & Energy Therapies

Want to know where you are heading in life?

Spiritual healing is as important as physical or mental healing which is why at Divine Escape in St Martin's, Oswestry, we offer the guidance needed.

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Atlantean Healing™

The Atlantean Healing™ techniques are a combination of the ancient techniques that were used in the temples and the new ones that are given to us for the challenges we are facing today. The sessions are designed to balance the energy fields, as Atlanteans believed that ‘dis-ease’ was a manifestation of the imbalance in the energy field.


The energy is very high vibrational and powerful, yet it feels gentle when channelling or receiving it. Each session is conducted by your certified Atlantean Healing Practitioner™ and Atlantean Angels, who will be assisting with the application of the energy and healing process.

45 minutes - £40

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Angelic Reiki

Working hand in hand with the angelic kingdom of light to bring through one of the highest forms of healing and wisdom.


Through their guidance we can positively influence our own creative energy system on a physical and emotional level.

60 minutes - £50

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Past Life Regression

Past life regression is conducted in a safe, gentle, nurturing and relaxing environment. Many people who experience a past life regression benefit from being able to heal past life wounds that still influence their present lifetime.


It gives a greater understanding of who we are and why we follow certain paths and patterns. This is a fascinating healing experience for all.

60 minutes - £40

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Reiki is a simple, natural, and safe method of spiritual healing that everyone can use. It can help to reduce the pain associated with many conditions.


It also works in conjunction with all other medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and to promote recovery.

30 minutes - £30

60 minutes - £45

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Psychic Readings

Tarot/Angel/Oracle Cards


Gain insight and guidance in your life. The cards can be used as an aid to tune into your energy and provide a picture of unseen influences, patterns of behaviour, obstacles, and strengths that are around you at the present.

30 minutes - £30

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Crystal Therapy

Crystals have been used, revered and enjoyed for many thousands of years – both for their aesthetic beauty and  for the peace, relaxation, and harmony they invoke.  Crystal therapy is a non-invasive, relaxing, natural and enjoyable process.


Whether you believe in the physical healing properties of crystals or not, the therapy itself will offer you the chance to lie back, relax, and get in touch with your body’s energies. You can leave feeling refreshed, restored, and de-stressed  – a perfect platform for improved physical health.

60 minutes - £40

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