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5 Reasons To Invest In Your Wellness

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

In today’s society, the importance of investing in our wellness is often overlooked. Financially investing in materialistic things has become the norm, but we find many people are put off by investing in holistic and spiritual treatments that will improve their overall wellness.

The cost of a massage, for example, is comparable to having a manicure, or a wash and blow-dry at the hairdressers, yet it is still seen as a luxury. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of investing in your wellbeing and the treatments that we would recommend to anyone that has not experienced any form of holistic or spiritual therapy.

Stress Relief

Investing in your wellness is crucial for relieving stress. We all live busy lives, and our day to day schedules can mean stress can build up. Some periods of our lives are especially stressful. For example; moving house, employments worries and problems within the family. Feeling stressed over a long period of time can cause significant effects on your health including increased risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

Pain Relief

Being in pain can really impact your life, both psychically and mentally. Chronic pain in areas like your back, shoulder or neck can affect your life hugely. Pain can make it difficult or even impossible for you to carry out everyday tasks like driving, cleaning or cooking. Treatments to help ease this pain include massage, Bowen therapy and acupuncture. Our therapists can help ease your pain by working on your problematic areas. Regular treatments can significantly improve your quality of life and reduce the amount of pain you feel.

Time For Yourself

It is a well-known fact that spending time on yourself will improve your overall wellness and wellbeing. We invest so much time looking after other people in our lives, and making sure that they’re happy, that sadly we often forget to look after ourselves. Booking in a regular holistic or spiritual therapy dedicates that time to you, and only you. Our therapy room is a beautifully relaxing space, for you to unwind and truly relax. We would also recommend taking half an hour every single day to focus on you. Read a book, listen to music, have a relaxing bath, meditate - whatever gives you the time to spend alone.

Illness Prevention

When we are running on empty, we are putting our wellness at risk. This makes it much easier for illnesses to creep in to our bodies, as our immune systems are weaker. Dedicating time to your wellness will mean you will take less sick days off work, and go through less tissues from those dreaded winter colds that are going around at the moment.

Feel energised

One of the best feelings about investing in your wellness is the amount of energy that you will have. If you have been feeling fatigued, restless and somewhat bored, it is the perfect time for you to consider what therapies could really help you transform your life and give you that new boost of energy. Plenty of sleep is also key to this - make sure you are getting the recommended 8 hours of sleep per night. Don’t deprive yourself, if you feel like sleeping for longer, listen to your body.

Let Divine Escape help your wellness

At Divine Escape in St Martins, Oswestry, we offer a large range of holistic and spiritual therapies to help your wellness including massage, reiki, Bowen technique, acupuncture and much more. Our friendly practitioners are always on hand to offer advice about which therapy they think will work best for you, and help with the struggles you are faced with at this particular time.

Call us today on 01691 778 012 and start the journey to a stress-free and energised you.

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